If you have ever wondered, “Can I actually learn to draw?" then this audio course is for you.

Often the most challenging aspect of learning a new skill is not the skill itself, but our own limiting beliefs and mindset.

The process of learning a new skill can look something like this:

We decide to learn a new skill, or pick up a new hobby, because we expect to enjoy it.

Once we start studying or practicing, however, we quickly realize how much work lies ahead in order to become proficient.

All too often, this leads to self-imposed pressure, time limits, or unrealistic goals. Our ideas of how we “should” be progressing prevent our full enjoyment of the activity.

Enthusiasm can all too quickly turn to frustration, and even abandonment of the activity.

In case it's not obvious – I speak from experience!

I write this as someone who can be both impatient and something of a perfectionist - a combination that can wreak havoc if I allow it to.

However, it has also made me a ‘mindset enthusiast.’

Over the years I have discovered processes to lessen the frustration that we all experience at some point, when our drawings or skills aren’t progressing the way we had envisioned.

What is Mindset Minutes?

Mindset Minutes is a short course of 10 audio segments (and written transcripts) meant to encourage you when you need a ‘pick-me-up’ as you draw.

In it I share the processes that I find most helpful in easing frustration and allowing oneself to enjoy everything that comes with learning to draw.

After all, drawing is a learnable skill. Sometimes you just need a cheerleader to remind you of that. In this course, consider me your personal cheerleader!

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