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The Eye Drawing Intensive:
Your shortcut to drawing stunning, realistic eyes that transform your portrait drawings.

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The Eye Drawing Intensive is your shortcut to drawing stunning, realistic eyes that transform your portrait drawings into artworks that stop people in their tracks.

Foundational courses included in Drawing Decoded:

Foundations of Drawing Technique

A one-module course providing foundational, technical skills needed for realistic drawing.

Bargue Drawing Level 1
Bargue Drawing Level 1

Learn 10 accuracy and measurement techniques, train your eye and perceptual skills, gain confidence in the initial stages of the drawing process, and start learning portrait anatomy!

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Accuracy, Measurement & Block-In Strategies

Learn block-in strategies for drawing different subjects from photography and life, & methods of accuracy and measurement. *This course is being developed.

Introduction to Smooth Shading in Graphite

Acquire the technical skills, modes of seeing and knowledge needed for smooth, realistic shading in this 5-module course.

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Shading Basic Forms in Graphite

All complex forms are a combination of basic forms. We learn to shade basic forms so that we can successfully shade the complex ones!

Bargue Drawing Level 2

Learn the rest of the stages of the drawing process as you draw more advanced Bargue plates, and practice linking them together smoothly.

Realistic Drawing 101

An overview of the drawing process, where you draw the flower above with me, step by step, in charcoal.

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Toned Paper Techniques

Learn to use white pencils on black paper to create dramatic drawings. This course is still in progress - more toned paper techniques will be added over time.

Mindset Minutes

Develop a productive mindset while learning how to draw: because our mindset is often the biggest challenge when learning a new skill!

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Daily Drawing Drills Challenge

In this challenge, we will improve dexterity, control and drawing technique with short daily exercises. Starts November 1!

In Marina's Studio

Insights from my own creative studio practice and career.

More Courses Soon!

More courses are being developed, and new lessons are added to Drawing Decoded monthly!

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