What you will learn in Intro to Smooth Shading in Graphite:

  • gain dexterity and control of your pencil, so that you can shade subtle, realistic values

  • learn and practice smooth shading techniques

  • get to know the graphite pencil grades so that you can intuitively reach for the right one for your drawing scenario

  • learn to draw a value scale

  • learn to draw smooth gradations

  • learn what causes 'scratchy,' uneven values and how to fix them

  • discover the elements of light and shadow on form

  • find out keys to realistic shading

  • learn how to simplify, analyze and organize values (and why that is so important!)

  • discover new blending tools (characteristics, misconceptions, and best practices)

  • practice creating depth and dimension with edges

  • in two more upcoming modules, learn to shade believable, basic forms (such as a the sphere in the video above)

More info coming soon!

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